Working Standard Wire-haired Dachshunds since 1989
Laurel Whistance-Smith, Breeder


About My Dogs:

All my dogs are related and go back in two lines through Chanté to Hilde.

OTCh & FC Ursula from Golden Creek CG SE   My foundation bitch. The Pedigree Obedience Hound of 1992.  A booming voice underground and so easy to train in obedience.  She was my soulmate.
FC W’s Elsa Lionheart CDX CG SE.  She lived to hunt – killed a shrew at 8 weeks I recall.  She was my heart.  Great voice, calm and focused on the rabbit line – she got me hooked on Field Trialing.  My first DCA Top Ten Field Trial Dachshund -- Brace on Rabbit
W’s High Teckel.  She was the “Little One”, my Mother’s beloved companion for 9 years and my charge thereafter for 8 years.  She weighed 53g at birth but was healthy and vigorous and became a sweet 15 lb dog who lived past 17.
FC W’s Chanté von Lowenherz.  She too lived to hunt and was soooooo clever.  A frog dog and ball dog extraordinaire!
FC Lutra von Lowenherz JE   The otter – a  booming spurlaut on the rabbit trail – focused and joyous with a fabulous work ethic..  A sweeter dog there never has been -- my Lutie Tutie Fresh and Fruity One
FC Schtomphe von Lowenherz JE   The Country Squire who loved to socialize, track deer and work in obedience – My Boy.
Gabby Pantel von Lownherz CDX TD SE   She is so easy to train and had one leg in Utility before she retired at 13½.  Too smart, so clever and of great edgy character.
FC Stanze von Lowenherz SE   A hunting maniac I recall at 4 months.  She loves rabbit trials and going to ground.  Several times DCA Top Ten Field Trial Dachshund.  Adaughter of Lutra
FC Diamant Lily von Lowenherz ME.  A daughter of Lutra, she too lives to hunt rabbits.  Multi-DCA Top Ten Field Trial Dachshund including # 3 in 2013!!!  She is magnificent on the line with a perfect voice and perfect commitment to her work.  DCA 1000+ points at 8 years old.
FC Pagan von Lowenherz ME   A daughter of Lutra, she is death on raccoons.  Magnificent dock diver and working well in obedience.  Her joy in life radiates.
FC Hexelein Pantel von Lowenherz SE   A daughter of Gabby, she has a mission in life to kill rabbits and vermin in the ground.  She is a wild child.  2011 DCA National Field Trial FC Bitch winner.  Dam of Vimy (see elsewhere) and Edel the 2013 DCA National FT winner
FC Lykke von Lowenherz SE   A daughter of Lily, she can’t get enough of nose work since her puppy days.   Easy to train and working great in obedience. 
FC Strolch von Lowenherz SE   A son of Lily, my new young man is already a great all-round performer.  Made top 20 in DCA Field Trial points at 2 years old.  Sired the 2013 DCA National FT winner Edel.
FC Sylvan von Lowenherz JE    Young and ready to prove herself even more.  Sweet natured and very biddable.


Laurel Whistance-Smith, breeder