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Laurel Whistance-Smith, Breeder


About My Dogs: Teckel puppies available 2022!

All my dogs are related and go back in two lines through Chanté to Hilde. I have outcrossed to imported European studs only.

OTCh & FC Ursula from Golden Creek CG SE   My foundation bitch. The Pedigree Obedience Hound of 1992.  A booming voice underground and so easy to train in obedience.  She was my soulmate.
FC W’s Elsa Lionheart CDX CG SE.  She lived to hunt – killed a shrew at 8 weeks I recall.  She was my heart.  Great sparlaut, calm and focused on the rabbit line – she got me hooked on Field Trialing.  My first DCA Top Ten Field Trial Dachshund -- Brace on Rabbit
W’s High Teckel.  She was the “Little One”, my Mother’s beloved companion for 9 years and my charge thereafter for 8 years.  She weighed 53g at birth but was healthy and vigorous and became a sweet 15 lb dog who lived past 17.
FC W’s Chanté von Lowenherz.  She too lived to hunt and was soooooo clever.  A frog dog and ball dog extraordinaire!
FC Lutra von Lowenherz JE   The otter – a  booming spurlaut on the rabbit trail – focused and joyous with a fabulous work ethic..  A sweeter dog there never has been -- my Lutie Tutie Fresh and Fruity One
FC Schtomphe von Lowenherz JE   The Country Squire who loved to socialize, track deer and work in obedience – My Boy.
Gabby Pantel von Lownherz CDX TD SE   She was so easy to train and had one leg in Utility before she retired at 13½.  Too smart, so clever and of great edgy character.
FC Stanze von Lowenherz SE   A hunting maniac I recall at 4 months.  She loved rabbit trials and going to ground.  Several times DCA Top Ten Field Trial Dachshund.  A daughter of Lutra
FC Diamant Lily von Lowenherz ME.  A daughter of Lutra, she too lived to hunt rabbits.  Multi-DCA Top Ten Field Trial Dachshund including # 3 in 2013!!!  She was magnificent on the line with a perfect voice and perfect commitment to her work.  DCA 1000+ points at 8 years old and #8 Lifetime Pointed Dachshund at her retirement in 2018.
FC Pagan von Lowenherz ME   A daughter of Lutra, she was death on raccoons, a working hunter, magnificent dock diver and loved obedience.  Her joy in life radiates.
FC Hexelein Pantel von Lowenherz SE   A daughter of Gabby, she had a mission in life to kill rabbits and vermin in the ground.  She was a wild child.  2011 DCA National Field Trial FC Bitch winner.  Dam of Vimy (see elsewhere) and Edel the 2013 DCA National FT winner
FC Lykke von Lowenherz CDXSE   A daughter of Lily, she can’t get enough of nose work since her puppy days.   Easy to train and worked great in obedience. 
FC Strolch von Lowenherz ME   A son of Lily, excelled at everything he did. Great all-round performer.  Made top 20 in DCA Field Trial points at 2 years old.  Sired the 2013 DCA National FT winner Edel.
FC Sylvan von Lowenherz JE    Daughter of Strolch.  Sweet natured and very biddable. Loves to hunt.
FC Uschi von Lowenherz JE
with her 6 beautiful puppies born June 2022 sired by
FC Harley Hooper vom Bienenwald
Available to great homes for blood tracking, hunting and hunting sports.
Rilke von Lowenherz
2 years old
dam: FC Sylvan von Loweherz ME
sire: GCH DC Columbo vom Mondscheinkreutz


Laurel Whistance-Smith, breeder